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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance


Imagine the overwhelming feeling of relief and sheer joy that you would feel upon the release of a kidnap victim.


Now imagine the subsequent stress that would follow the realization that you are not insured in case of a kidnapping or ransom request.  Your company or family had to liquidate all assets to pay the large ransom, purchase specialized phone equipment, pay for travel expenses, hire security protection, hire a negotiator, and pay many unforseen costs.  In addition, to rejoin society. the kidnap victim may need exenpsive psychiatric counseling and rehabilitation.  This financial trouble could be avoided with Kidnap and Ransom Insurance coverage.


Covered events:


  • Kidnap - The taking of one or more of the insured persons captive by persons who then demand a ransom,  Specifically from the policy owner's assets, as a condition of release of the insured.

  • Extortion - Threatening the insured with injury, death, abduction, or causing physical damage to or Loss of property.

  • Detention - The holding under duress of an insured for whatever reason other than Kidnap, such as political detention.

  • Hijack - The illegal holding under duress for a period n excess of six consecutive hours of an insured while traveling on any aircraft, motor vehicle, or waterborne vesel.


A Kidnap and Ransom Insurance policy owner can apply for coverage to protect against a financial loss caused by a kidnapping or extortion coverage up to their personal or corporate net worth.  If a claim is made, the Kidnap Insurance policy owner will be resonsible for coming up with the initial money to provide the kidnappers. After the money has been paid, they can then submit a claim to be reimbursed for the expenses.  Ransom Insurance to cover lost ransom money, should the delivery go wrong, can also be provided.


One of the most beneficial parts of the Kidnap and Ransom Insurance plan is the unlimited expenses for the Crisis Response Team.  This Team has worldwide knowledge about negotiations in each specific location and is highly trained to deal with kidnappings, ransom requests, and extortion plots.


No one expects to have to recover , emotionally of financially, from th trauma of a kidnapping of a colleague or loved one.  But should the situation arise, you will be relieved to know that you have this important Kidnap and Ransom Insurance protection.

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