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Critical Illness - Loss of Income & Assets



Could you and your family use a check for $250,000 or monthly checks for up to $5,000 each month , should a critical illness strike a member of the family?


Everyday almost 10,000 Americans suffer heart attacks, strokes, or are diagnosed with life threatening cancer.  These three conditions account for about three-fourths of all critical illnesse.  Victims learn first hand how uncovered expenses undermine their finances and jeopardize their abilty to keep up with monthly financial obligations


Americans under age 65 are twice as likely to survive a critical illness as they are to die.  Even with health insurance, the uncovered expenes of a critical illness can spell financial disaster.  Roughly one-half of all home foreclosures result from a critical illness.


Critical illness Inurance offers the ability to pay a lot of money over a short period of time when you will need it the most.  Benefits:  can be structured to pay 100% of monthly income for 12-24-36 months, 100%-115% of your mortgage payment for 12-24-36 months or a lump sum benefit upon the diagnosis or procedure listed below.  These benefits are paid in addition to any other Disability Insurance Benefits you are eligible to receive from work or private insurance policies.


These conditions are typically considered Critical Illness:


                       Life Threatening Cancer                                                Heart Attack

                       Stroke                                                                               Renal (Kidney) Failure

                       Major Organ Transplant                                                Paraplegia

                       Major Burns                                                                     Coma

                       Motot Neuron Disease                                                   Advanced Alzheimer's Disease

                       Coronay Bypass Surgery(*)                                           Angioplasty(*)                  

                       Non-Invasive Cancer(*)                                                  *  Limited Benefits of 25% apply to these conditions


The informtion above is general in nature.  For details on a specific company and it's products you my request a quote.  Products and their availability vary by state.  Policy underwriting limits, waiting periods, and retrictions my apply.




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