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Entertainers and Athletes - Specialty Insurance


Sports figures and people in the entertainment industry have many unique insurance needs and are not always aware of how to solve those problems.  Not only do the individuals need to protect themselves personally but most often there are other entities that have a financial interest in the individual as well, such as sports teams, sponsors, studios, agents, publishers, or special event interests.


People in the entertainment industry including:  ActorsDirectorsProducersWritersCinematographersArt DirectorsEditorsMusiciansSingersDancersStunt PersonsSpecial EffectsModelsMake-Up Artists, and others are often denied adequate life insurance and disability income protection by domestic insurance companies.


The special needs of the entertainment industry require products that can indemnify against unique circumstances, such as:


  • Loss of speech by a voice over actor /actress.

  • Death of a star performer on location outside the US.

  • Business Agent's premier client dies or is disabled.

  • Publisher gives a multimillion dollar advance on a book yet to be written.

  • Several injured crew members need to be med-evacuated back to the US.


People in sport, both professional as well as amateur, have difficulty obtaining many types of insurance.  Whether it's Profesonal Racing, Team Sports, Golf, Tennis, or College Athletes  preparing for the Draft, there is a need for adequate coverage.


The special needs of the sports industry requires products that will cover:


  • Race car driver dies in  track incident and another is paralyzed.

  • Baseball player makes controversial remarks and loses valuable endoresment.

  • Touring Golf Pro gets ill and cannot complete the tour.

  • Sponsor indemnification when key sports figure fails to participte.

  • Highly ranked college senior is injured in bowl game before the NFL draft.

  • A group of NHL Hockey Players participating in a charity Hockey match may risk their NHL Team contract if injured.


We can assist with losses that may occur should any sporting event, concert, theatrical production, conference, indor/outdoor show or exhibition be cancelled, abandoned, postponed, curtailed, or relocated due to a cause beyond the control of the insured.


Compton Insurance Marketing and its' International Insurance Network of financial professionals can offer a variety of products to meet the needs of these specialty markets.




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