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Disability - Loss of Income


IndividualsExecutivesBusiness OwnersProfessionals, &  Speciality Risk (Pilots, Athletes, Entertainers, International Risks, & Others).


"Even the person of limited means can eventually pay off big bills and big debts as long as he/she retains the ability to work and earn income  When income is lost, all is lost."  This was an observation of the U.S. News and World Report.


                                                                       50% OF BANKRUPTCIES ARE DUE TO ILLNESS OR INJURY

                                                                - Lack of adequate disability insurance cited as major contributor -


Life is just a cash flow.  If your earnings stopped for a month, a year....or the rest of your life, uncoverd medical expenses and monthly household bills would still have to be paid or your family's lifestyle may have to change dramatically.  With adequate amounts of disability insurance a disabled person is able to sustain a satisfactory lifestyle, keep current with bills, and keep the financial dreams in tack.


Could a disabling illness or injury happen to you?


  • 1 in 5 people will be disabled for one year or more beforeage 65.

  • The chance of a long-term disability is twice as great as death.

  • Women between ages of 35 and 65 are 40% more likly than men to become disabled for 90 or more days.

  • Disabilty is the cause of nearly half of all home foreclosures.


You have five choices


  • Use your savings and future retirement funds and see those golden year travel plans disappear.

  • Sell property and or other assets.

  • Live on your spouse's income.

  • Borrow money.

  • Let disability income insurance supplement your family income.


Compton Insurance Marketing and it's International Insurance Network of financial professionals can offer a varety of quality disability insurance products to meet your needs.  Regardless of your occupaton and income needs we are prepared to assist you.


Disability Insurane products can be used for:  Personal Income ReplacementSupplemental DisabilityHigh Limit DisabilityLoss of EndorsementsCosts of Agents & ManagersCollege to Pro ProtectionSalary ContinuationBusiness Overhead ExpenseKey PersonContract GuaranteeBuy/Sell AgreementsBank Loan Indemnification,  and a host of other economic solutions.




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