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High Limit Accident Insurance



Unlike sickness, which usually gives warning symptons so there is time to prepare for emotional and financial consequences, accidents strike without warning.  Medical insurance and disability insurance do not adequately compensate for specific loses of limbs sight, hearing or speech.  Life insurane proceeds are seldom adequate for these need.  The accident hazard is sufficiently unique that it merits extra insurance protection.


Who buys High Limit Accident Insurance?


  • Business firms - to offset the loss of a key employee.  To compensate families of employees for loss of income due to accidental death or permanent disability.

  • Professional Firms -  to offset the temporary and long term financial aspects of accidental death  or accidental bodily injury to a principal of the firm.  We insure the hands of surgeons, famous musicians, and athletes against accidental injury that would impact their dexterity.

  • Educators and students-  to protect parents or sponsors against loss due to accidents while traveling or while away from home.

  • Frequent Travelers -  on business or on pleasure trips anywhere in the world.

  • War Correspondents - on assignment

  • Military families - Living and travelin abroad.

  • Tour Groups - while on recreatioal or sporting trips such as skiing, scuba diving, sky diviny, or bungee jumping.

  • Government Agencies and Programs - foreign deployments and work assignments

  • Fraternal and Religious organizations - Missionary and other activities

  • Individuals and families - frequent travelers and many other purposes.

  • Individuals who may not be abe to obtain standard life insurance due to Medical conditions.  Example:  a recent cancer survivor.


The plan features the flexibility of 24 hour worldwie coverage.  Purchase on a permanent year around basis r for short term travel accident needs.  Some of the valuable optional enhancements include:  emergency evacuation and gloal repatriation of remain, permanent total disability, acts of terrorism, and war or act of war coverage.

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